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Relocation in Mexico


* What do you know about Mexican temporal importation programs?
          o Do you know about importation options to Mexico without paying taxes?
          o There are so many options depending on the type of operation you want.

* While importing in a temporarily basis (Maquila/Pitex) should we pay importation taxes?
          o The majority of the times machinery from Canada or USA doesn’t pay taxes.
          o However, sometimes the machinery may not be from USA or Canada, it could be exempt of paying taxes with some existing programs in México.

* How to save money on importation taxes?
          o Revise fomentation programs and treaties that Mexico has.

* The materials coming from U.S.A. and Canada are exempt of paying taxes?
          o Yes, it all depends on manufacturing/fabrication place (Maquinado)

* Which City/Border is the fastest and cheapest while importing to Mexico?
          o Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas is the best Mexican Customs border that imports the most. (terrestrial)
          o Coming from Europe, Veracruz and Altamira are the best maritime ports to import.
          o Coming from Asia, Manzanillo is the best maritime port to import.
          o Mexico City offers the best airport.

* Which cities of Mexico offer the best infrastructure for plant installations?
            Monterrey, Ramos Arizpe, San Luis Potosí and Edo. of México.

*  Which cities of Mexico count with the best human resources?
          o Monterrey, Ramos Arizpe, San Luis Potosí y el Edo. De México


*What Mexican cities offer tax and incentives for relocation?
          o San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Aguascalientes

* Which city is more convenient and closest to the border of USA to relocate?
          o Monterrey

* Which are the industrial sectors per city?
          o Shoe & Leather Industry – León, Guanajuato
          o Metal Mechanics – Monterrey, Ramos Arizpe, San Luis Potosí, Guadalajara
          o Electronics – Monterrey, Guadalajara
          o Textiles– Torreón, Puebla, Aguascalientes
          o Steel – Monterrey
          o Automotive – Ramos Arizpe, Toluca, Silao, San Luis Potosí, Puebla, Aguascalientes

*  What does a foreign Investor needs to do to move its operations into Mexico?
          o Exist plenty of facilities for foreign investors.
          o México counts with International Treaties with U.S.A, Canadá, Europe, Japan, South America, etc.

* As a foreign Company, what are the requirements to open a plant in México?
          o It’s recommended to contact specialized company advisers with experience in plants installations.

* Why México?
          o Geographic situation
          o Qualified manual labor
          o International treaties of commerce
          o People attitude
          o Service Culture
          o Doesn’t have any conflict with labor unions
          o Trust suppliers
          o Good Infrastructure in Ports and Highways

* Is it true that the manual labor is cheaper?
          o Yes, it is competitive, qualified and accessible... More and better results on its inversion

* Is it true that Mexico has a qualified manual labor?
          o Yes, Mexico counts with a higher level capacity young population, and service attitude, which distinguished Mexico from other countries.
          o México counts with recognized universities at international level

* Is it difficult to obtain manual labor?
          o No

*  Where do I need to apply to import to México?
          o We recommend to you to contact a qualified company to advise you on your project.

* What are the Mexican government requirements to import to México?
          o The requirements are simple and easy to fulfill whenever it is had an appropriate Custom Broker.

* It there exists requirements to export from México?
          o No, in the majority of times.

* Is it true that operating in Mexico is bureaucratic?
          o No, Mexico counts with one of the most advanced Customs systems of the world.

* Does infrastructure exists on Highways?
          o Yes, México counts with excellent infrastructure on highways which are very competitive at international level.

* Do the transport carriers count with service capacity?
          o Yes, the most important transport carriers of the world count with installations and/or strategic associations in Mexico.

* Do the maritime ports offer good services?
          o Yes, they do.

*  Do the airports count with good infrastructure?
          o The 3 most important airports: México, Monterrey and Guadalajara, and compete with any airport of the world.

* What are the differences between domestic shipments and international shipments?
          o The domestic shipments are sent with transport carrier documents only, while Internationals requires invoice and certificate of origins when it applies.

* Does México count with trustable suppliers?
          o Yes, México counts with very competitive suppliers at International Level.

* Can be sent to Mexico a machine or disassembling line in several box trailers?
          o Affirmative, there’s easy options to apply, we recommend to get advice before disassemble and/or acquisition.

* Should I look for an expert advisor to counseling at the moment of disassembling a plant/Maquila and send it to Mexico?
          o Yes, you should.
          o Before disassembling, contact a Mexican Importation expert.
          o Select transport companies that have interchange with Mexican companies, and also make sure that they provide enough capacity for your volumes.
          o There are goods that are easy to obtain in Mexico, and if you import them to Mexico will result more expensive.
          o The way to load your machinery is very important that way it won’t suffer any damages during the transfer.
          o It is very important to define the packing to make sure that your goods arrive in good conditions
          o The best form to load a plant/disassemble machinery, is to consider the importation matter to Mexico (according to its classification)
          o You need an expert who knows about the Mexican Laws to recommend you how to load your machinery.
          o Contact and coordinate transportation with an expert advisor, which will result in saving time and money.
            Depending on the origin of your goods, choose the best port of entrance to Mexico - asks the expert.

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